The Avengers Bookmarks - Thor & Loki


Lego Thrandy being his sassy self giving more about his hair than about Thorin’s shit.

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The Hour you can’t afford to miss. 

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I finally watched Metropolis. I had a hard time not to screencap every other frame because damn.

Hi! <3

Because of removal, I’m selling all my old watercolours and drawings at a low price (between 8 and 15 euros + 5 for shipping costs). 

I hope they’ll find an home and some love!! 

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Fanart - Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor

W&N watercolours on W&N paper

Dimension: A4

Price: 15 euros + 5 euros for shipping costs

Payment: Paypal

*If you’re interested please send me a note, a pm, a fanmail!*

Others drawings on sale:

1) Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

Thank you for your attention!!


Sorrow Albert Edelfelt 1894


Mr Hiddleston… Why do you do this to me… You are so the ruin of me!

He looks just divine in these pictures!


Sir Ian as Sherlock Holmes! (link goes to the Daily Fail. Sorry.)